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January 19, 2013
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You felt around until you finally pulled out an item.In your hand you held a sunflower broach. It was the same broach that you had given Russia when you two were children. "He still kept it." You whispered as a small smile appeared on your face.
"What'd you say dude!?" America asked, bringing you back to reality. "O-oh nothing." You said realizing that you had been thinking out loud. "Well show me the item that you picked bro!"
"Here you go." You handed him the broach, already knowing that you were going to be paired with Russia. " got him." America said, sounding worried. "Whats wrong?" You asked.
"Well you got Russia..." He whispered to you. "So?" "Bro he's freaking creepy." "No he isn't, I don't see why you guys are afraid of him." "Its your funeral." America shrugged. "Well, who had the sunflower broach dudes?" He was still quiet.
"That would be me,da." You heard a child-like voice say. The rest of the nations must have heard it too, for everyone was silent now. Russia stood up and walked towards you, his smile let you know that he didn't mind the silence.
You looked towards the nations, annoyed that they were treating Russia as though he was something out of a horror movie. No one said anything, half of the countries looked terrified and the other half looked at you with sympathy.
"We should be getting into the closet, da." Russia said as he took your hand. "U-um yeah. Lets go." You said as you blushed. "Okay seven minutes dude." America said as he closed that closet door.

"(y/n)?" Russia said as you soon as the two of you were in the closet. "Yes I-Ivan?" You asked nervously. "Are you afraid of me like the others?" "No, I'm not afraid of you. I don't understand why everyone is. I don't think that you're scary, I-I actually think that you're cute."
"You think that I'm cute?" "Y-yes." "Well I think that (y/n) is cute too, the cutest." "Now I have a question for you." "What is it (y/n)?" "Why did you keep that broach for all these years?" "Because silly, its my most prized possession. It's special because you gave it to me."
You blushed; was it really that important to him? "I-Ivan, can I tell you something?" "Sure (y/n) you can tell me anything." His bright smile made your heart flutter.
"W-well I...I love you." You managed to choke out. Russia said nothing, instead he roughly kissed you. He bit your lip demanding you to let his tongue in. You obeyed, letting him explore you mouth. You tried to fight for dominance but he won, soon after breaking the kiss he moved to your neck.
You hissed when you felt his teeth roughly rake against your skin. You looked down at your neck only to see blood. Your eyes widened and Russia looked up at you. "Don't worry (y/n) the pain will go away soon." Russia said with a child-like voice. Before you could respond he started to lick the blood that was slowly running down your neck.

"Well dudes times- What the hell happened here!?" America said as he opened the closet door.
"(y/n) why are you bleeding!? Did this creep try to murder you bro!? Do you need the hero to save you!?" He yelled. "Hold the hell up, stop bombarding me with questions. I'm fine, Ivan didn't try to murder me." You said. " the blood is because you're into "that" kind of thing then." America said sounding a little more calm.
"N-no! I just... scratched myself?" "Psh yeah right brah, well anyways get out of the closet your time is up." "Okay, come one Ivan." You and Russia left the closet hand in hand, and it didn't take long for Belarus to start threatening to murder you.

Intro: [link]

Italy: [link]

Germany: [link]

Japan: [link]

America: [link]

England: [link]
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Emzie-Chan Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
Me: Come at me girl!
Belarus: *pulls out a knife*
Me: You think I'm scared? *pulls out a pistol* You have 3 seconds to run. One..Two...
Belarus: *runs*
Me: Yeah, u better run! Now, let's go to my house, Ivan.
Russia: Da!
amliajane12345 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 8, 2014  Student Writer
Belarus: Betch stay away from big brother
Me: *Takes out little stick* I will shove this down your throat
Belarus: :O *Runs*
YellowVixen Featured By Owner Edited Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist
Belarus: You are going to die........
Me: He kissed me first.
Russia: Wha - you confessed first!
Belarus: *Getting extremely angry* You.... *Pulls out knives*
Russia: Dana! Do something! 
Me: 'S fine... *Casually pulls out barrett 50 cal* I got this.
Belarus: :o (Eek) .......... :iconrageplz:
Me: :iconchallengeacceptedplz: *shoots*
Melody-lyric Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
YellowVixen Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist
Freddy Fazzbutt Emoticon thing  
Melody-lyric Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
you good, you good
PrussiasKitten Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Belarus: Stay away from big brother!
Me: Hell nah!
Belarus: *reveals knife*
Me: You think I am scared of such? *pulls out baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire*
Belarus: What do you think you are going to do with that? *voice quivers when says that*
Me: Let me show you how a demented redneck plays ball! Tamako Kitashirakawa (Happy) [V2] 
CatcomixSF Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Wait how do you look at your own neck ?
EveFTW Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
fungirlluvsanime Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Pssh ill kill Belarus with russia, Da? ^J^
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