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February 19, 2013
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"Thanks for inviting me Iggybrows." You said as you walked inside of your best friend England's house. He had called you earlier to invite you for tea and scones.
God you hoped that he hadn't made those scones,last time you tried his cooking you had to get your stomach pumped. England was your best friend but you had to admit that he was a horrible cook, not that you would ever tell him that of course. You would be the last person on Earth to hurt his feelings.
"You're quite welcome." England said as he closed the door behind you. You heard a high pitched screeching noise, you assumed that it was the kettle. "Oh that's the kettle, I will be back in a moment love. Just sit on the couch until I come back." He said, hurrying into the kitchen.
You did as he said and sat down, waiting for him to return. Soon enough he did. "Come with me to the table love, we can drink our tea there." He said as he held out his hand for you to take. "O-okay." You blushed as you grabbed his hand. When you two go to the table there was tea and scones waiting to be eaten and drunk.
You two sat down and you nervously looked at the scones. "Did you make these Arthur?" You asked, trying not to offend him. "Sadly no love, I had to buy them from the store since my oven is still broken from the cake that I tried to make." He said frowning. Sadly? Who's sad? He just saved you from a trip to the E.R.
"Man, that stinks." You said, happily picking up a scone and taking a bite out of it. You and England talked for a while, laughed, everything was peaceful...Well until you heard a loud knock at the door. "Who the bloody hell could that be?" England said softly as he got up to answer the door.
You wanted to see who it was also so you got up to follow him. England looked through the peephole and sighed. "Who is it?" You asked. "No one important, should we go back to drinking our tea?" England asked. "Arthur, who's at the door?" "Fine, fine, it's the git America." "Well open the door,you can't just leave him out there."
"Yes I can, as long as I just ignore him he'll go away." "Just open the door Arthur." "...Fine." England hesitantly opened the door only to reveal an annoyed looking America. "Well it took you long enough dude!" America said as he walked inside. He was carrying a bag in one hand and a burger in the other. "Why are you yelling at me!? You're the one who showed up uninvited!"
England yelled back. "Hey how about you guys just stop arguing." You said sternly. America and England both looked at each other and then at you, saying nothing more. "Thank you." You said to them. "Hey (y/n) Japan just gave me a shit load of awesome video games and I was wondering if you wanted to play them!?" America asked, suddenly happy. "I would be happy to Alfred." You said with a smile.
"H-hey what about our tea!?" England asked. "Oh...right. Um, do you just want to play video games with us instead?" You asked him. "No! I'll be in my room! Come and get me when you're done hanging out with this git!" England shouted as he stomped upstairs, which was followed my him slamming his door. "Arthur..." You said softly, knowing that he wouldn't hear you.
"He seems pissed, maybe we should let him cool off for a while. Let's play these kick ass games while Mr.Pissy stops being angry." America said. "Okay." You said, still unsure about not going up to check on him. You two went into the living room and hooked up America's X-box 360 to the television. America inserted a disc, it seemed to be another Japanese fighting game that Japan had given him.
"Hey dude let's make this interesting!" America said, handing you a controller. "What do you mean by 'interesting'?" You asked, raising an eyebrow. "Like let's make a bet!" "Okay? What kind of bet?" America smirked and said nothing for a while. "I know that you like England." He started. "H-how did you know that!? And what does that have to do with the bet!?" You asked nervously.
You had never told anyone about your crush on England, so how did America figure out? "Dude, it's obvious, you're always blushing around him and Japan told me." He said, whispering the last part so that you couldn't hear. "You still haven't told me what this has to do with the bet." You said. "Oh right! So if you loose this game you have to tell England that you like him!"
"And what if you loose?" "Then I'll have to eat three of England's scones and not complain!" Three scones? Wow that was intense. "Fine it's a bet. But I'm only agreeing to this bet because I want to see you eat three of his scones." You said, shaking America's hand and giggling. "Okay let's start!" America said.
You two played three rounds and you lost all three of them! You couldn't figure out how the hell America was so good at the game! You assumed that he was cheating but you didn't have any evidence. America laughed his signature laugh as he pointed at you. "Now you have to go tell Engwand that you wuv him!" America said teasingly. "S-shut up! I know what I have to do fat ass!" You said, you were still annoyed at how America won.
"So go upstairs and tell him!" America said dragging you towards the stairs. You walked half way up the stairs and then looked back at America with a worried face. He just smiled at you and gave you a thumbs up. You went up the rest of the stairs, then down the hallway and you were finally at England's room door. You stared at it for a while, but then slowly reached out to grab the door knob. You opened the door and slowly walked inside.
You saw England laying down face first in his bed, his body spread out and pillow over his head, he seemed to be mumbling something but you couldn't make out what he saying. He didn't seem to know that you walked in so you said his name a few times to get his attention. "What do you want?" He asked, his voice was muffled for he had not taken his face from out of the bed. "I wanted to tell you two things." You said. "Oh are done spending time with your boyfriend?" He asked sarcastically.
"Arthur,you know that I don't like him." You said softly. England finally sat up and looked at you. "Well you sure as hell act like it! You're always laughing around him and spending time with him! You even ditch me for him sometimes!" He yelled. "I know, I feel horrible. That's why one of the things that I wanted to say is I'm sorry. I know that I sometimes pay more attention to him than to you and I'm sorry for that. But I don't like him." "Psh yeah right."
"I don't! And I'll prove it! The other thing that I wanted to tell you I love you! I love you you idiot! I have for a long time now." "Y-you love me?" "Yes, I do." "I love you too (y/n)." And with that England's lips crashed into yours. You kissed back and soon felt England's tongue lick your lips. You parted them so that he could explore your mouth. "Hey (y/n) did you-" America said but soon stopped talking when he saw you and England. You two stopped kissing, you looked at America and blushed but all England did was frown.
"Get out, can't you see that we're busy." Is all that England said as he got up and shut the door.
I'm so sorry that I haven't been uploading anything. So I made this to apologize. Ahhhh sobbu I'm sorry I keep promising stuff and not doing it bluh I feel like shit.
But yes here you go this is my apology. (Shitty title is shitty)
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